Multiple Editors

Instead of just using specific colours to indicate changes it is possible for changes made by different authors to be displayed in different colours.
This can be achieved by changing the colour drop-down to "By Author"

Authors, Editors, Reviewers - these all mean the same thing.
There are a number of ways you can identify which editor made which change.

1) Hover your mouse over the tracked change to reveal the name of the editor.
2) Using the Reviewing pane - at the bottom of the pane you can see the editors name

Add your username

2010 - Review tab, track changes, change user name

Using Different Colours

You can use the Options tab and make sure that "By Author" is selected in any of the colour boxes.

Only show changes from one editor

2010,2007 - Review tab, Show markup menu and select Revieweers - tick/untick the reviewers you want to see
2003 - Reviewing toolbar, Show > Reviewers

Consistent Colours for Each Author

How is this possible ?

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