F.DIST(x, degrees_freedom1, degrees_freedom2, cumulative)

Returns the probability of getting less than or equal to a particular value in an f distribution (left tailed).

xThe number from the distribution.
degrees_freedom1The numerator degress of freedom.
degrees_freedom2The denominator degress of freedom.
cumulativeThe type of function to use:
True = cumulative probability function (less than)
False = probability density function (equal to)


* Added in Excel 2010.
* This function replaces the FDIST function.
* The f distribution is a continuous distribution.
* If "cumulative" = True, then the area under the curve to the left of "x" is returned. This uses the cumulative probability function.
* If "cumulative" = False, then the height of the curve at "x" is returned. This uses the probability density function.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com


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