GROUPBY(row_fields, values, function [,field_headers] [,total_depth] [,sort_order] [,filter_array])

Returns the grouping of your data along one axis and aggregates the associated values.

row_fieldsA column-oriented array or range that contains the values which are used to group rows and generate row headers.
valuesA column-oriented array or range of the data to aggregate.
functionAn explicit or eta reduced lambda (SUM, PERCENTOF, AVERAGE, COUNT, etc) that is used to aggregate values.
field_headers(Optional) A number that specifies whether the row_fields and values have headers and whether field headers should be returned in the results.
total_depth(Optional) Determines whether the row headers should contain totals.
sort_order(Optional) A number indicating how rows should be sorted.
filter_array(Optional) A column-oriented 1D array of Booleans that indicate whether the corresponding row of data should be considered.

* This function was added in Microsoft 365.
* This function can create a Dynamic Array Formula.
* You can use the PIVOTBY function to return the grouping of your data along two axis and aggregates the associated values.
* This function was first released in December 2023.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


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