MINA(number1 [,number2] [..])

Returns the smallest value in a list or array of numbers (including logical values and text).

number1The first value.
number2(Optional) The second value.


* This is identical to the MIN function except that logical values and text are included.
* This function includes hidden rows.
* Arguments that evaluate to True are included and 1 is used.
* Arguments that evaluate to False are included and 0 is used.
* Arguments that are text are included and 0 is used.
* If any cell references are empty, then these are excluded.
* If any cell references contain an error, then that error is returned.
* You can have a maximum of 255 arguments.
* You can use the MINIF - User Defined Function if you want to satisfy one condition.
* You can use the MINIFS function to satisfy multiple conditions.
* This is similar to the AVERAGEA function.
* This is similar to the COUNTA function.
* This is similar to the MAXA function.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.office.com

1=MINA(5,2,6,9) = 2
2=MINA(2,4,6,8) = 2
3=MINA({5,4,3,2,1}) = £1.00
4=MINA({1,2,3,4,5,"text",FALSE}) = £1.00
5=MINA(4,{3,4,5,"text",FALSE},TRUE,9) = £1.00
6=MINA("","") = #VALUE!

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