C# - ListObject

BeforeAddDataBoundRowOccurs when a user attempts to add a new row. This event is not raised when new rows are added programmatically. Useful when validating the data.YYYY
BeforeDoubleClickOccurs when the ListObject is double clickedYYYY
BeforeRightClickOccurs when the ListObject is right clickedYYYY
BindingContextChangedOccurs when the binding of the ListObject changesYYYY
ChangeOccurs when the contents of the ListObject are changed by a user or programmatically. The event is not raised when calculations cause the changeYYYY
DataBindingFailureOccurs when the binding of the ListObject fails. This occurs when you try and add a second ListObject to a worksheet.YYYY
DataMemberChangedOccurs when the DataMember property is changed by a user or programmatically.YYYY
DataSourceChangedOccurs when the DataSource property is changed by a user or programmatically.YYYY
DeselectedOccurs when the selection is moved outside the ListObject.YYYY
ErrorAddDataBoundRowOccurs when an error occurs when attempting to add a new row, (eg violation, entering text in a numeric column)YYYY
OriginalDataRestoredOccurs when a changed value is restored to its original value as a consequence of an error occurring.YYYY
DisposedOccurs when the ListObject is disposed of. Typically raised by garbage collection.YYYY
SelectedOccurs when the ListObject is selectedYYYY
SelectedIndexChangedOccurs when the selected index changes. This is the currently selected item in the ListObject.YYYY
SelectionChangeOccurs when the selection within the ListObject changes.YYYY

Event Procedures

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