Name Manager

This can be accessed from the Formulas tab, Defined Names group
This can be used to add, edit and delete named ranges
This was introduced in Excel 2007 to replace the earlier Define Name dialog box.
This provides a complete list of all the named ranges in the active workbook.
Whether a named range is a worksheet level or workbook level is indicated in the scope column.
The name manager includes their Value, the Range and the Scope
Any named ranges created using the Name Box have a workbook scope and can be accessed from any worksheet within the workbook.

When you type a named range into a formula the cell that it refers to is automatically highlighted
Double clicking on the named ranges ?


Clear filter -
Names scoped to worksheet - Displays only those names that are specific to the active worksheet.
Names scoped to workbook - Displays only those names that have a workbook level scope.
Names with errors - Displays only those names that contain any of the following error values (#VALUE!, #REF!, #NAME).
Names without errors - Displays only those names that do not contain any error values.
Defined Names - Displays only those names defined by you. This option will also include built-in named ranges created by Excel for example print_area.
Table Names - Displays only table names.

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