Helps you organise, update and manage multiple name ranges from one central location.
 In 2003 you could have the named range "ABC123456"
 In 2007 this is not allowed and you are presented with the "Name Conflict" dialog box
 2007 also prevents any named ranges that are prefixed with "xl .."
 Named box can be resized horizontally.
 Help, organize, update and manage multiple named ranges from a single location.
 New Name Manager dialog box.
 Summary of what you can do which is a lot easier
 See the name's reference ("Refers to" control), the name's scope ("Scope" Column), and the name's value ("Value" Column - note, this displays error values as well)
 Confirm whether it is referenced in the grid or not (the "In Use" column)
 Easily define the scope of a name in the New Name dialog (dialog discussed below)
 Easily set the name reference
 You can now rename a name without having to redefine it from scratch
 You can quickly modify scope from the Edit Name dialog (dialog discussed below)
 Select and delete multiple names at once
 You can sort the name list by clicking on the column headers
 Make the refers-to box as wide as you need, so the number of names you can see is limited only by your monitor size
 A powerful filter drop down allows you to filter large name lists based on a number of common criteria including scope, in use, and if the name returns an error
 You can set multiple filters by simply selecting whatever filters they want, for example, you can filter to see all defined names that are not in use an that return errors with two mouse clicks
 Named ranges can now have names which are more than 255 characters.
 They will work in previous versions but they will not be displayed in full in the old Name dialog box.
 These were rarely used and in fact most users have never seen or used these.
 If you open a worksheet that contains NLF you will be prompted but they will be converted to static cell references.
 With the increase in the number of columns and the number of rows it means that there are now a lot more valid cell addresses than there were before which might potentially conflict with existing named ranges. For example the following are now all valid cell references (UK10, HOO34, STR200).
 Also any name beginning with "xl" is reserved for internal use.
 When incompatible names are fond during conversion the user will be alerted and an underscore will be automatically added to the beginning of any incompatible names to ensure they do not conflict with any cell references.
 Any reference constructed using the INDIRECT function will not be automatically updated and neither will any named ranges referenced in any VBA code.

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