Flat Data

Also referred to as repeating the labels or filling in the blanks
Flat data is data that contains values in all cells within the table.
When data is "flat" it contains repeated values.

If you do not have flat data, it is possible to make your data flat by taking the following steps
1) Select the whole table that you want to make flat.
2) Press F5 to dsplay the GoTo dialog box and select Special > Blanks to select all the blank cells
3) Type equals (=) and then the Up Arrow to enter a formula with a direct cell reference to the first data label.
4) Press Ctrl + Enter
5) Replace the formulas with values by selecting Copy / Paste Special > Values

Select the cells A1:A10
(Edit > GoTo) Click Special and select blanks.
Type "=a1" and press (Ctrl + Enter)

Select the cells A1:A10
(Edit > Copy)
(Edit > Paste Special) Click Special and select values

Sometimes cells are not wide enough to display the values. In this case the cell displays ####. You can check for these by checking the Value property of the cell is numeric and that the first character of the left of the text property is equal to "#".

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