Nested Subtotals

You can have a subtotal with more than one summary function. Add the first function and then select (Data > Subtotals) choosing the additional function from the "use function" drop down box.
You can create nested subtotals by selecting and data and choosing (Data > Subtotals) and choosing a different labels from the "At each change in" drop-down box.

If you filter on a particular value, Excel will automatically generate a row of SUBTOTALs at the bottom of the filtered results. The first parameter in the SUBTOTAL(FncNum, Range) is the summary function used in the subtotal.
include link to Outlines

Data | Subtotals lets you do Outlining specifying the data breaks and what kind of subtotals you want at those breaks. The Outlining plus and minuses at the left let you control the level of detail that is displayed.

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