Thank you to the following people for their comments and suggestions, so far:
Patrick O'Beirne - @ExcelAnalytics -
I will be making changes based on this feedback.

6) Always remove unnecessary external links to prevent annoying popups.
FEEDBACK: This needs to have a link to a dedicated page, explaining how to check and remove these.

7) Remove circular references to improve stability.
FEEDBACK: This also needs a dedicated page explaining why you never need to use a circular reference.
And maybe mention Goal Seek and Scenario Manager

9) Move repeated formulas to their own cells.
FEEDBACK: This needs more examples
Not sure what 9.3 defeats 9.1 means

10) Use simple formulas that fit on one line, of the formula bar.
FEEDBACK: Are there any examples when you need to reference an entire row or column ?

15) Use embedded charts instead of chart sheets.
FEEDBACK: Need to find some good reasons to back this up.

16) Use cell styles to enforce consistent cell formatting.
FEEDBACK: Not sure about the number 20 ?
Need to try and explain what a reasonable number should be. Maybe some third party add-ins could help to find the magic number.

18) Use named ranges to refer to cells that are not close by.
FEEDBACK: This needs more examples

20) Use conditional formatting to automatically apply cell based formatting.
FEEDBACK: Only when needed, otherwise you get visual distraction.

26) Use the macro recorder to start exploring the power of VBA.
FEEDBACK: Followed up by a good course and a good book.

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