With Application.AutoCorrect 
    .DisplayAutoCorrectOptions = True
    .TwoInitialCapitals = True
    .CorrectSentenceCap = True
    .CapitalizeNamesOfDays = True
    .CorrectCapsLock = True
    .ReplaceText = True
End With

CheckSpelling Method

This can be used to check the spelling of single words.
It takes a string paramater which is the word to check.
It also takes two optional parameters, the first can be used specify a custom dictionary and the second to ignore the word if found in uppercase.


Must have the Japanses language pack installed
(Options > Language Tab) primary editing language = japanese

ActiveChart.ChartArea.Format.TextFrame2.TextRange.Characters.Font.NameFarEast = "--" 
ActiveChart.ChartArea.Format.TextFrame2.TextRange.Characters.Font.Name = "Arial"

The NameFarEast property exists in more places in Word and PowerPoint than it does in Excel


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