Folder Tab


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New Folder - (Ctrl + Shift + E). Create a new folder in the Navigation Pane.
New Search Folder - (Ctrl + Shift + P). Creates a new search folder. A search folder displays messages based on specified criteria.


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Rename Folder - Renames the selected folder. Do these apply to the Navigation Pane ??
Copy Folder - Copies this folder to a new location.
Move Folder - Move the selected folder to a new location.
Delete Folder - Delete the selected folder.

Clean Up

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Mark All as Read - Mark all messages in this folder as read.
Run Rules Now - Apply all rules to the items currently in your mailbox.
Show All Folders A to Z - Always show folders in alphabetical order.
Clean Up Folder - Remove redundant messages from every conversation in the selected folder.
Delete All - Delete all the items in this folder.
Recover Deleted Items - Recover item deleted from this folder.


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Show In Favorites - Show this folder in the Favourites section at the top of the Folder Pane.


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AutoArchive Settings - Specify when items in this folder are archived and where they are stored. Displays the Inbox Properties dialog box, AutoArchive tab.
Folder Permissions - View and edit the sharing permissions for this folder.
Folder Properties - View the properties for this folder.

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