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Send Receive All Folders - (F9). Send and receive all items including mail, appointments and tasks in all folders.
Update Folder - (Shift + F9). Send and receive items in the current folder.
Send All - Send all unsent mail.
Send Receive Groups - Drop-Down. Send and receive items in a particular send/receive group. These groups have different behaviours such as the frequency with which Outlook connects to the server. The drop-down contains the commands: All Accounts Group, Application Folders Group, Inbox, Define Send/Receive Groups, Disable Scheduled Send/Receive.


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Show Progress - Show the current send/receive status.
Cancel All - Cancel all pending send/receive requests.


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Download Headers - Download all mail headers in this folder. A mail header contains some message fields such as address, subject and date.
Mark to Download - (Ctrl + Alt + M). Drop-Down. Mark this message to be downloaded the next time marked headers are processed.
Unmark to Download - (Ctrl + Alt + U). Drop-Down. Unmark this message header so that is it not downloaded.
Process Marked Headers - Drop-Down. Download the content of all the marked headers in this folder.


Added in 2010.

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