Text Effects

SS - from the section on the font dialog box

Strikethrough -
Double Strikethrough -
Shadow -
Outline -
Emboss -
Small caps - Ctrl + Shift + K
All caps - Ctrl + Shift + A
Hidden - Ctrl + Shift + H

The Text Effects tab was removed from this dialog in 2007.


It is possible to apply one of six simple animations to any block of text.

You can have animated text (Format > Font)(Text Effects tab). Text animation is purely for on screen use

microsoft excel docs

Blinking Background - Blinks reverse text on and off.
Las Vegas Lights - Borders test with rapidly changing coloured shapes.
Marching Black Ants - Borders text with black dotted lines that move in a clockwise direction.
Marching Red Ants - Borders text with red dotted lines that move in a clockwise direction.
Shimmer - Repeatedly blurs and unblurs the text.
Sparkle Text - Superimpose mocing coloured sparkles on the text.

Hidden Text

You can add hidden text. Just highlight the text paragraph (Format > Font) and tick hidden

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