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microsoft excel docsText Form Field - Inserts a Text Form field allowing users to insert text, numbers symbols, spaces, dates and times.
microsoft excel docsCheck Box Form Field - Inserts a check box field allowing users to select an option or leave it unchecked.
microsoft excel docsDrop-Down Form Field - Inserts a drop-down field allowing users to make a selection from a list of alternatives.
microsoft excel docsForm Field Options - Displays the Options dialog box for the form field currently selected.
microsoft excel docsDraw Table - Lets you create a table by drawing it free hand inserting horizontal and vertical lines using the mouse.
microsoft excel docsInsert Table - Inserts a table on to the current slide with the given number of rows and columns.
microsoft excel docsInsert Frame - Inserts a free floating box onto the page that you can format and position.
microsoft excel docsForm Field Shading - Toggles the shading used to identify form fields in your document. This shading will not print.
microsoft excel docsReset Form Fields - Resets form fields to their default settings.
microsoft excel docsProtect Form - Lets you protect all areas of the form except those you want the users to fill in.


The Drop-Down Form button actually creates a combo box style list of options.

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