Finding Used Styles

List all styles in a document

Public Sub ListAllStyles() 

Dim objstyle As Word.Style

   For Each objstyle In ActiveDocument.Styles
'Call MsgBox(objstyle.NameLocal)
      Selection.TypeText Text:=objstyle.NameLocal
   Next objstyle

End Sub

Creates a new document with Heading XX style paragraphs from the active document

Public Sub UsedStyles 
Dim arAllStyles() As String
Dim arUsedStyles() As String
Dim lTotalParagraphs As Long
Dim objParagraph As Paragraph
Dim sPreviousStyle As String
Dim iarraycount As Integer
Dim icount As Integer
Dim itotalusedstyles As Integer

lTotalParagraphs = ActiveDocument.Paragraphs.Count
ReDim arAllStyles(lTotalParagraphs)

For Each objParagraph In ActiveDocument.Paragraphs
   arAllStyles(iarraycount) = objParagraph.Style.Name
   iarraycount := iarraycount + 1
Next objParagraph

'sort the array alphabetically

ReDim arUsedStyles(lTotalParagraphs)

sPreviousStyle = ""
For icount = 1 to lTotalParagraphs
   If (arAllStyles(icount) <> sPreviousStyle)
      itotalusedstyles = itotalusedstyles + 1
      If (UBound(arUsedStyles) > itotalusedstyles) Then
         ReDim Preserve arUsedStyles(itotalusedstyles)
      End If

      arUsedStyles(itotalusedstyles) = arAllStyles(itotalusedstyles)
      sPreviousStyle = arAllStyles(itotalusedstyles)
   End If
Next icount

For icount = 1 To UBound(arStyles)
   Selection.InsertAfter arAllStyles(icount) & vbCr
   Selection.Collapse wdCollapseDirection.wdCollapseEnd
Next icount
End Sub

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