The background colour for text is not associated with styles and is not changed when the style is changed !!
When you copy and paste paragraph formatting (or a style) all the information for that paragraph is contained within the paragraph mark so you only need to copy this character as opposed to copying the format form a selection of text.

To obtain a print out of all the styles available in a document select (File > Print). In the "Print What" listbox select "Styles"

You can continue in the same style if you press (Shift + Enter) to move to the next paragraph.
You can quickly change your style to Heading 1 by selecting the text and pressing the Enter key twice rapidly. For this to work you must have (Tools > AutoCorrect)(AutoFormat tab "Headings" checkbox ticked) ??
You can use the (Edit > Find & Replace) to replace any old styles you may have in any old documents. Select (Format > Styles) and then the More button ??

If you get a problem with an indented heading it is because of the header
To assign Ctrl + Alt + "X" to a "Heading X" press (Format > Style) Select All Styles and select Heading X. Click modify and select Shortcut key

There are some built-in character styles "Strong" and "Emphasis" which work in conjunction with the AutoFormat feature. Ensure that the appropriate AutoFormat option is activated. (Tools > AutoFormat as you type tab) Select "Bold and Underscore with Red Formatting). When this option is switched on, you can automatically apply the strong style by typing an asterisk on either side of the text to format. As soon as you type the second asterisk, both astericks disappear and the bold formatting is applied.
To apply emphasis use an underscore in place of an asterisk and the underlying will be removed and the text will be underlined

Double clicking a style in the style area allows you to quickly edit it.

Press "tab" key to move down one level of heading. Press "+ tab key to move up one level of heading

You can define a style with a border to the paragraph of text. Creating your own custom styles can be done although it can cause problems when page section breaks are used

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