Applying Styles Automatically

If your would rather just concentrate on writing the text rather than the formatting you can use the Style AutoFormat feature.
When you have a document that has been

alt text

This feature will go through and correct any inconsistencies or errors in the formatting.
You can select the type of document you want to check and also how any changes to the formatting will be communicated.

AutoFormat Dialog Box

alt text

For more information about automatically formatting a document please refer to the AutoFormat section.

To apply several styles at once choose Options and select the types of styles you want to apply:
headings, Lists, Automatic Bulleted Lists and Other Paragraphs.
Other paragraphs include Body, Text, Inside Address, Salutation.

Always double check your styles after you use this feature.

Define Styles Based on Your Formatting

Automatic style definition is part of Word's AutoFormat as you type.
(Tools > AutoCorrect Options)(AutoFormat As You Type tab)

alt text

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