This feature can be used to automatically format particular items in a document.
Word can go through and automatically correct any inconsistencies or errors in a document.
You can let Word format your text automatically as you type using the AutoFormat feature

Word can recognise certain elements in a document and assign styles to them

If you enter a line of text without a period and ending with a paragraph mark, Word recognises this as a heading and automatically applies a heading style.
If you headings are not already manually numbered or styled, Word will apply Heading 1
If you have already formatted some headings, Word will apply the next subordinate heading style beneath your headings
Bulleted and Numbered Lists
It can also recognise some lines of text as belonging to a bulleted or numbered list and reformat these accordingly.
AutoFormat as you Type will automatically reformat any paragraphs that begin with an asterisk and a space as a bulleted list.

Body Text
AutoFormat takes the remaining paragraphs that have not been formatted and will format them with the Body Text style
Body Text is identical to the Normal style except that 6 points have been added after each paragraph to compensate for the extra paragraph mark AutoFormat automatically removes.

Letter elements
Depending on where they appear in a letter, Word can recognise salutations, addresses and other elements and apply the corresponding built-in styles.

To use AutoFormat to apply several styles at once, open the AutoFormat dialog box and display the Options dialog box.
Specify all the styles and options you want and select OK.

Word is not always perfect so you are advised to double check the automatic formatting.

What can you AutoFormat ?

  • Format Styles

  • Format Bulleted Lists

  • Format Numbered Lists

  • Format Fractions

  • Format Quotation Marks

To start the process select (Format > AutoFormat)
SS of menu

microsoft excel docs

Disablying AutoFormat

If you want to disable all the AutoFormat features:

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