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The Protect Document task pane has been replaced with the Restrict Formatting and Editing task pane.

The signature format in 2007 is XMLDsig
Entry point has been moved from Tools, Options, Security, Digital Sign to (Office > Prepare > Add Digital Signature)
Invalid signatures are no longer automatically removed
object model has been extended
third parties can create their own signing providers
users can see when verification is performed and who signed the document.

Unable to size or crop in a file that is protected

Digital Signatures - invisible
A signature line can be added to each document to require a digital signature for documents that are edited by others
People reading digitally signed documents can easily verify that the document has not changed since it was signed.

The ability to capture digital signatures by using signature lines providing a record of exactly what was signed and allow the signature to be verified in the future.
Signature format is XMLDsig.

Files from potentially unsafe locations or files that contain macros, data connections or ActiveX controls are validated and can be opened in Protected View.
This opens the file but with the editing options disabled.
You can open and edit files from trusted sources sources by clicking Enable Editing

Autosummarise has been removed

Live word count
Spelling checker is more consistent across the 2007 applications.
spell checker can find and highlight some contextual spelling errors.
Several options are now global. If you change one of these in one application, it is changed in all the applications.
Sharing the same custom dictionary across applications.
The post-reform French dictionary is now included as standard removing the need to install a separate add-in.
An exclusion dictionary is automatically created the first time a language is used.
New "Use Contextual Spelling" option to help finding and fixing spelling mistakes.
You can disable the spelling and grammar for a single document or for all documents you create.

The track changes indicator on the status bar is not displayed by default
To display the TRK indicator, right click on the status bar and select Track Changes
SS - shortcut
SS - status bar

Prevent changes to a final version using "Mark as final" command.
Cannot double click the TRK on the status bar to quickly toggle ?

Balloons - default is only for comments/format
To be consistent with Word 2003 change this to "Always"

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