SS - This is a speling mistake

Word can check the spelling and grammar in your document. You can either do this automatically as you work or when you are ready at any stage.
You can use the check spelling and grammar button on the Standard toolbar
SS - Spelling & Grammar

This will check from the current insertion point to the end of the active document.
When the checking is complete a dialog box will be displayed
Press "OK" to return to the active document.

Red underline - spelling mistake


Green underline - grammatical mistake

SS - inc double spaces
To quickly move to the next spelling or grammatical error, double click the Spelling and Grammar" status icon on the status bar

You can stop the grammatical errors from getting underlined by changing your (Tools > Options) (Spelling & Grammar tab). You can choose between "Casual","Standard", "Formal", "Technical" and "Custom". To prevent the errors, choose Casual. You can select "Settings" to select any specific items you want the grammar checker to tag

Spelling Task Pane

Previously a dialog box
There is "no undo button" and "no options button"

Any words, phrases or sentences that have unusual capitalisation or are not grammatically correct are underlined with a green, wavy line.

As you Work

(Tools > Options)(Spelling & Grammar tab, "Check spelling as you type")

Options button displays the tab from (Tools > Options)

As you enter your text, any words that are not recognised are underlined with a red wavy line.

You can use the right mouse button to click on the underlined word or phrase to obtain an alternative word or phrase
When you right click on a word any possible correct spellings are listed at the top of the shortcut menu.
You can change the incorrect word to one of those listed at the top by clicking on the word you want to use on the shortcut menu.
You can easily change whether to use the automatic spelling and grammar checking (Tools > Options(Spelling & Grammar tab, Check spelling as you type, Check grammar as you type).

After spelling and grammar has been checked in your document a summary dialog box is displayed.
When you use the Spelling and Grammar dialog box you have the facility to enter mispelt words and the correction into the AutoCorrect.

The (Tools > Spelling) command will not work in a protected section of a document.

The langauge that Word is using to check your spelling and grammar is displayed in the bottom right corner of the status bar.

Using the Dictionary

If the word that is underlined is actually spelt correctly it has been underlined because it does not exist in the dictionary.
You can choose to add it to the dictionary.

If you choose "Ignore All" then Word will not highlight this word again in this document.
If you choose "Add" it will be permanently added to the dictionary and will never be underlined again.

(Tools > Options)(Spelling & Grammar tab)
Custom Dictionaries
In the dictionary luist, select the dictionary you want to modify and press Modify
Click Add for each word or abbreviation you wish to add.

You can also create a brand new dictionary, just for a specific purpose. Click New.

There is another way that is quicker though and that is to use the shortcut menu.
Every word that is not recognised is underlined in a squiggly red line
If you right mouse click on this word or abbreviation, you can select "Add to Dictionary"

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