Adding Entries

You can even add entries that have formatting associated with them
if you want to add a formatted text entry, open the document that contains the text that is formatted the way that you want, and select that text.
There are a couple of ways you can add entries to the AutoCorrect list
Manually adding an entry
During a Spell Check

Manually adding an Entry

1) Display the AutoCorrect dialog box.
Check that the "Replace text as you type" checkbox is ticked.
2) Click in the "replace" box and enter the misspelt word or abbreviation.
3) Click in the "with" box and enter the correct spelling or the full word or text.
4) Click the Add button and the entry will be added to the list.
You can easily remove an entry from the AutoCorrect list by selecting the entry and pressing Delete.

It is possible to use AutoCorrect to automatically insert words, phrases and even graphics (or logos).

To add a word to the AutoCorrect, right mouse click the and select ??????
You can use AutoCorrect to add your own typing errors and create your own shortchand typing shortcuts. Add your entries in the "Replace Text as you type" and "Replace With" boxes.
To add a word or phrase (Tools > AutoCorrect)(AutoCorrect tab) Type your text into the Replace and With text boxes
To add an entry (Tools > AutoCorrect) type in the key in the "Replace" box and your text in the "With" box. If entering any magic Alt characters make sure NumLock is on and hold down the Alt key while typing the four-digit number.

Start by creating the item you want to insert into your document.
Select the item
Select (Tools > AutoCorrect Options) to display the AutoCorrect Options dialog box.
Click Formatted Text in the "Replace Text as you Type" section.
In the Replace box, type the abbreviated characters you want to use to initiate the replacement.
Press Add.

examples - words, phrases and graphics

Adding an Entry during Spell Check

If you enable automatic spelling checking, in some Office programs you can right-click a word that you typically misspell and add it directly to the AutoCorrect list.
SS - right click shortcut
This feature is available only in Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, and Visio ???
Right-click a word that has a wavy red underline.
A list of corrections for the misspelled word appears.

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