Accepting Changes

Proposed changes can be resolved in three ways:
Using the Accept or Reject dialog box (most options)
Using the Reviewing Toolbar (fewer options)
Right clicking on a change and using context shortcut menu

The menu you see when you right click depends on its context so it is sometimes safer just to use the menu bar or ribbon.

2007 - Review tab, Accept or Reject
2003 - Reviewing toolbar, Accept Change/Reject Change

Accepting all Changes

Review tab, Accept drop-down Accept All Changes in Document
Reviewing toolbar -

Using Accept or Reject Dialog Box

you can easily move through the document resolving one at a time
best to start at the beginning of the document
Navigate using the backward and forward buttons

This gives you slightly more control than using the toolbar as it allows you to control how the document is displayed while you are making changes eg ??
Changes with Highlighting -
Changes without Highlighting -

Using the Reviewing Toolbar

Navigate using the Next Change and Previous Change buttons

Using Shortcut Menu

Let your mouse hover over the change to display a tooltip.
This tooltip tells you who made the change, when it was made and the type of change (whether an insert, delete etc)

Accept Insertion
Accept Deletion
Accept Formst Change
Reject Insertion
Reject Deletion
Reject Format Change

You can always undo a change that was accepted or rejected infact the Accept and Reject dialog has its own Undo button.


You don't have to accept or reject all the changes at the same time. You can leave some unresolved until later.

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