Added in .NET 2.0
Represents a generic queue of objects
A queue represents a first-in, first out collection (FIFO)
items are added with "Enqueue" and removed with "Dequeue"
The "Peek" method retrieves the oldest object but does not remove it.
For example you might want to send messages to a resource that can only handle one message at a time.
The queue class is a good collection to use when you are managing a limited resource



CountThe number of elements in the queue
ClearRemoves all the objects
ContainsDoes an element exist
CopyToCopies the elements to an existing one-dimensional array
DequeueRemoves and returns the object at the beginning of the queue
EnqueueAdds an object to the end of the queue
GetEnumeratorReturns an enumerator for the queue
PeekReturns the object at the beginning of the queue without removing it

Non Generic

This class is not to be confused with the Non Generic Queue class introduced in .NET 1.1

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