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1) What is the difference between managed and unmanaged code?
Managed code is executed by the Common Language Runtime (CLR) of the .NET Framework.
CLR offers inbuilt security
Managed code is code that targets .NET and which contains certain extra information, "Meta data" to describe itself. Whilst both managed and unmanaged code can run in the runtime, only managed code contains the information that allows the runtime envoronemnt to guarantee, for instance safe execution and interoperability
Managed C++ cannot have multiple inheritance

2) What is .NET Core ?

3) What is .NET ?
The Microsoft Visual Studio.NET development environment contains everything you need to build and customise your Microsoft Windows applicatios. Visual Studio .NET is Microsoft's integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, documenting, running and debugging programs written in a variety of .NET languages.
The .NET platform is a set of development tools and operational systems used to build, expose and consume XML web services.
Visual Studio .NET also offers editing tools for manipulating several types of files.
The .NET framework is a library of classes that are used to build Windows applications
This .NET framework is Microsoft's latest initiative to simplify the development of modern applications.
There are two main components to the .NET framework; the CLR (Common Language RunTime) and the hierarchical Class Library
.NET is a software platform. It is a language neutral environment for writing programs that can easily interoperate
The components that make up the .NET platfrom are collectively called the .NET framework

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