ServerStart - The ServerStart method is called immediately after a real-time data server is instantiated. Negative value or zero indicates failure to start the server; positive value indicates success.
ServerTerminate - Terminates the connection to the real-time data server.
ConnectData - Adds new topics from a real-time data server. The ConnectData method is called when a file is opened that contains real-time data functions or when a user types in a new formula which contains the RTD function.
DisconnectData - Notifies a real-time data (RTD) server application that a topic is no longer in use.
Heartbeat - Determines if the real-time data server is still active. Zero or a negative number indicates failure; a positive number indicates that the server is active.
RefreshData - This method is called by Microsoft Excel to get new data.

Represents real-time data update events

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