User FAQs

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1) What do SOAP and REST stand for ?
SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol
REST = REpresentational State Transfer

2) What are the differences between SOAP and REST ?
SOAP - describes itself using a wsdl (web description language) and has a defined contract
REST - lightweight http protocol that can return different formats (text, html, xml)

3) How can you return an error from a SOAP Web Service ?
Make sure the exception raised is derived from the SOAPException class.

4) Write a function that takes a date and returns the quarter that the date is in ?

public static int GetQuarter(System.DateTime myDateTime) 
   return System.Convert.ToInt32(System.Math.Ceiling(myDateTime.Month(3D));

The "D" literal number suffix tells the compiler that the literal value passed to the Month method is of data type double.
You can use this when you want an integer number to be treated as a double.

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