EXACT(text1, text2)

Returns the value True or False based on whether two strings match exactly.

text1The first text string.
text2The second text string.

* This function is case sensitive.
* This function does not support wildcards (? and *).
* This function is similar to using the "=" character in a formula except the equal sign is not case sensitive. See Row 10.
* If the arguments are cell references then any formatting differences are ignored.
* The arguments can be literal strings enclosed in quotation marks, formulas evaluating to numerical values or cell references containing text, numerical values.
* You can use the FIND to return the position of a substring within a larger text string.
* You can use the REPLACE to return the text string with a number of characters replaced.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com

1=EXACT("word","word") = True
2=EXACT("wOrd","word") = False
3=EXACT("WORD","word") = False
4=EXACT("word","word ") = False
5=EXACT(10,10) = True
6=EXACT(,) = True
7=EXACT("BIG","big") = False
8=EXACT(40,50) = False
9=EXACT("","") = True
10="hello"="HELLO" = True

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