TEXTBEFORE(input_text, delimiter [,instance_num] [,ignore_case])

Returns the characters from the start of a text string before a delimiter.

input_textThe text you are searching within.
delimiterThe text that marks the point after which you want to extract.
instance_num(Optional) The nth instance of input_text that you want to extract.
ignore_case(Optional) A logical value indicating whether to ignore the case:
True = Not Case Sensitive (default)
False = Case Sensitive

* Added in Microsoft 365 and is only available to Office Insiders at the moment.
* This function is not case sensitive by default but this can be changed using the "ignore_case" argument.
* This function does not support wildcards (? and *).
* If "instance_num" is left blank, then 1 is used.
* If "instance_num" < 1, then searching starts at the end of the string.
* If "ignore_case" is left blank, then True is used.
* You can use the LEFT function to return the first or left most characters in a text string.
* You can use the MID function to return the characters from the middle of a text string.
* You can use the TEXTAFTER function to return the characters from the end of a text string after a delimiter.
* You can use the TEXTSPLIT function to return the text string split into multiple columns using delimiters.
* This function was released in March 2022.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com


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