Removing Named Ranges

Public Sub DeleteNamedRanges() 
Dim lcount As Long
Dim sname As Name
Dim smessage As String
   For lcount = ActiveWorkbook.Names.Count To 1 Step -1
      smessage = lcount
      On Error Resume Next
      Set sname = ActiveWorkbook.Names(lcount)
      If (InStr(sname.RefersTo, "#REF") > 0) Then
         smessage = sname.Name & " - deleted"
         Debug.Print smessage
         Debug.Print sname.Name
      End If

   Next lcount
End Sub

Workbook Specific

Public Sub DeleteNamedRanges() 
Dim sname as Name
   For Each sname in ActiveWorkbook.Names
   Next sname
End Sub

Identifying worksheet level named ranges

For Each objName In ActiveWorkbook.Names 
   If objName.Name = worksheet!namedrange
Next objName

Worksheet Specific

Public Sub DeleteNamedRanges() 
Dim inamecount As Integer
   For inamecount = 1 To ActiveSheet.Names.Count
   Next inamecount
End Sub

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