Select (Insert > Name > Define) to display the Define Name dialog box.
The address of the active cell (or range) will appear in the "Refers to" box initially.
An alternative way to display this dialog box is to use the shortcut key (Ctrl + F3).
This allows you to define and apply new names, change existing names and remove names.
Lets create a "worksheet level" named range that refers to the cell "B3" on the worksheet "Sheet2".
To define a worksheet level name you must precede the descriptive name with the name of the worksheet, followed by an exclamation mark.
Select the cell or range of cells you want to add a descriptive name to, in this case select "B3" on worksheet "Sheet2".
Type in the following "Sheet2!Sheet2_B3" for the descriptive name.

If the worksheet name contains any spaces then the worksheet name must be enclosed in single quotation marks.
Remember to use the arrow keys to manoeuvre within the named range formula and not the mouse.
It is possible to create a worksheet level named range with the same name as that of a workbook level named range although it is not encouraged.
The worksheet level named range always takes precedence, but obviously only on that particular worksheet.

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