Row FieldIdentifies the values from the source data assigned to use as the rows of the table.
Column FieldIdentifies the values from the source data assigned to use as the columns of the table.
Data AreaSummarises the data using the assigned summarisation function or custom formula.
Data FieldIdentifies the values from the source data that are summarised in the Data Area.
ItemsIdentifies a sub category for a row or a column that identifies the corresponding data area values.
Page FieldCan be used to filter the values on the page. Only records containing matching values will be displayed. This is optional
Grand TotalsA row or column that provides a total for all the cells of the data area.
Sub TotalsA row or column that summarises cells within the corresponding detail fields.

Row Field

Column Field

Data Area

Notice that the label "Sum of Cost" (in cell "B4") is used to identify the Data Area field as well as the operation, in this case SUM.

Data Field

In this case "Cost" is the Data Field


The values that the Row Field and Column Field contain are also referred to as Items.
Division is the name of the Column Field and its corresponding items (or values) are Marketing, Personnel, Sales and Trading.

Page Field

This allows you to add a third dimension to your pivot table without displaying all the items at the same time.

Grand Totals

Sub Totals

These are only visible when you are using multiple fields in either the row or column areas of your table.


You can select a field item and all its corresponding data by pressing the left mouse button when the cursor is over the edge of that item. The cursor will change to a black arrow.

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