User FAQs

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1) Is it possible to create a pivot table using a dynamic named range ?
Yes. Create a dynamic named range that contains your data and then reference that when you create the pivot table.

2) Is it possible to use data from more than one worksheet to create a pivot table ?
Yes. As long as the data is in the same workbook.

3) Which event can you use to check if a pivot table has been modified ?


4) What are the three different report layout types for a pivot table ?
Compact -
Outline -
Tabular -

5) How would you disable automatic sorting in a pivot table ?
Goto > More Sort Options > Right Click 'pivot tables' > Sort Menu > More Options > sort automatically

6) How would you prevent column widths from changing automatically when a pivot table is refreshed ?
pivot table options > enable preserve formatting > auto format

7) Can you display text in the data area of a pivot table ?

8) What is a Slicer and when would you use one ?
Added in 2010.
A slicer is an embedded object that provides a visual interface for filtering data in Tables, Pivot Tables and Cube Functions.

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