2016Time Grouping
 Suggested Relationships - Between two model tables
2013The Pivot Chart Tools - Layout Tab was removed.
 Options Tab was renamed to Analyze Tab
 Analyze Tab, Calculations Group - "Summarize Values By" removed
 Analyze Tab, Calculations Group - "Show Values As" removed
 Pivot Charts have been decoupled from Pivot tables
 New Dril Down and Drill Up functionality
 DataModel requires PowerPivot for Excel 2013 add-in
2007Pivot table limits increased - Instead of supporting 32,500 unique items per field they now support 1,048,576
 OLAP Cube Wizard removed
 VBA Version Property - The version property of a pivot table is completely separate from the version property of Excel. PivotTables in Excel 2007 will be version 12 (xlPivotTableVersion12). For example version 10 (xlPivotTableVersion) applied to Excel 2002 and Excel 2003. The version is determined by whether the user is working in compatibility mode.
 PivotTable Wizard removed
 SQL Server Analysis Services added
 Multi Threading added to speed up data retrieval, sorting and filtering.
 Fill Down Labels - labels can now be filled down
 Repeat Labels - you can also repeat labels to display item captions of nested fields in all rows and columns.
 Dynamic Sets - so when you work with the same set of items from data over and over again. The ability to easily create and reuse this logical grouping of items as a single object
 Show values as - includes several new automatic calculations such as % of parent row total, % of parent total.
 Named Sets - a tool that allows a re-usable group of items to be created for use in PivotTables
 PivotCharts added
 Compact Layout Option added

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