Importing XML

You can import data from a variety of different sources including:
XML Documents
Web Services

(Data > XML > Import)
The "Import XML" dialog box is displayed

click the "XML List in Existing Worksheet"

Features not supported when importing

any, anyAttribute - The any and anyAttribute elements allow you to include items that are not declared by the schema. Excel requires imported schemas to be explicit.
Recursive structures - structures that are more than one level deep are not supported
Abstract elements - These are meant to be declared in the schema, but never used as elements.
Substitution groups - these allow an element to be swapped wherever another element is referenced (substitutiongroup attribute)
Mixed Content - This is declared using mixed=true on a complex type definition. Excel does support the simple content of the complex stype but does not support the child tage and attributes defined in that complex type ??

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