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Initializing your add-in

Your code must not call any Office.js APIs until this library is fully loaded
There are two ways that your code can ensure that the library is loaded.
Using Office.initialize to handle the initialize event that fires when the Office.js library is fully loaded and ready for user interaction.
Using Office.onReady to check to see if the Office.js library is fully loaded



Office.onReady() is an asynchronous method that returns a Promise object while it checks to see if the Office.js library is fully loaded.
When, and only when, the library is loaded, it resolves the Promise as an object.
That object specifies the Office host application with an Office.HostType enum value and the platform with an Office.PlatformType enum value.
If the library is already loaded when Office.onReady() is called, then the Promise resolves immediately.

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