Number Functions

ABSReturns the absolute value of a number (Variant).
ANDThe logical "AND" operator (Boolean).
ATNReturns the arctangent of a number in radians (Double).
COSReturns the cosine of an angle in radians (Double).
EQVThe bitwise comparison operator.
EXPReturns the base of natural logarithm raised to a power (Double).
FIXReturns the integer portion of a number (Integer).
FORMATReturns the text string of a number or date in a particular format (String).
HEXReturns the number converted to hexadecimal (String).
IMPThe logical implication from two values (Variant).
INTReturns the number rounded down to the nearest integer (Integer).
ISNUMERICReturns the value indicating if an expression contains a number (Boolean).
LOGReturns the natural logarithm of a number (Double).
MODReturns the remainder after division (Integer).
NOTThe logical "NOT" operator (Boolean).
OCTReturns the number converted to octal (Variant).
ORThe logical "OR" operator (Boolean).
RANDOMIZEInitialises the random number generator.
RNDReturns a random number between 0 and 1 (Single).
ROUNDReturns a number rounded to a given number of decimal places (Double).
SGNReturns the sign of a number (Integer).
SINReturns the sine of an angle in radians (Double).
SQRReturns the square root of a number (Double).
TANReturns the tangent of an angle (Double).
XORThe bitwise exclusion operator.

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