Built-in Templates

These often contain some text and much of the formatting you need to create common type of documents.
Word contains designer templates to help you create professional documents.
Word comes with 40+ built-in templates for documents you are likely to create.
These can be used to create all the common types of documents, such as letters, faxes, memos, reports, resumes, web pages, brochures, manuals and many others.
To view the templates that are available press (File > New).
This will display the list of available templates in backstage view.

microsoft excel docs


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\

Available Templates

General tabBlank Document -
 Web Page -
 E-mail Message -
Legal Pleadings tabPleading Wizard -
Letters & Faxes tabContemporary Fax -
 Contemporary Letter -
 Elegant Fax -
 Elegant Letter -
 Envelope Wizard -
 Fax Wizard -
 Letter Wizard -
 Mailing Label Wizard -
 Professional Fax -
 Professional Letter -
Mail Merge tabContemporary Merge Address List -
 Contemporary Merge Fax -
 Contemporary Merge Letter -
 Elegant Merge Address List -
 Elegant Merge Fax -
 Elegant Merge Letter -
 Plain Merge Letter -
 Professional Merge Address List -
 Professional Merge Fax -
 Professional Merge Letter -
Memos tabContemporary Memo -
 Elegant Memo -
 Memo Wizard -
 Professional Memo -
Other Documents tabAgenda Wizard -
 Batch Conversion Wizard -
 Calendar Wizard -
 Contemporary Resume -
 Elegant Resume -
 Professional Resume -
 Resume Wizard -
Publications tabBrochure -
 Directory -
 Manual -
 Thesis -
Reports tabContemporary Report -
 Elegant Report -
 Professional Report -
Web Pages tabColumn with Contents -
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Left Aligned Column
 Personal Web Page
 Right Aligned Column
 Simple Layout
 Table of Contents
 Web Page Wizard

More Templates are Available

There are also a wide range of templates available from the Microsoft Office web site.
You can also download additional templates from the Microsoft Office Template Gallery, if you have access to the Web.
There is no way to save the actual template, but you can resave the document which is created as a template.


When you pick a template and create a new document based on that template, the template remains "attached" to the document.

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