Returns the hyperlink associated with a particular cell.

valueThe text you want to scramble.


* The equivalent VBA function is HYPERLINKGET


1 - What is the

DOMAINGET = ASAPGETDOMAIN(text, optional show_protocol = False)

Returns the (sub)domain from a given hyperlink (website address/url).
For example if cell A1 contains the value "http://www.asap-utilities.com/download-asap-utilities.php" then these are the formula results:
=ASAPGETDOMAIN(A1) returns "www.asap-utilities.com"
=ASAPGETDOMAIN(A1;TRUE) returns "http://www.asap-utilities.com"

text = The value or cell address from which you want to extract the domain.
show_protocol = Optional, logical value, if omitted the default is FALSE. If TRUE this function will also return the protocol of the link, which is the part before the domain such as http://, ftp:// etc..

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