Exact Precision Floating Point (1 E -28 to 7.9 E 28)
29 significant digits.
The default value is 0.

decimal myDecimal; 
System.Decimal myDecimal;

Explicit Data Type

You can append literal constants with the letter "M" or "m" when you need to specify this type of literal.

decimal myDecimal = 1.6m;                         'suffix is necessary  
decimal myDecimal = 1.6M; 'suffix is necessary


// Decimal to Integer 
decimal myDecimal = 1.6M;
int myInteger = (int)myDecimal;

// Decimal to Double
decimal myDecimal = 1.6M;
double myDouble = (double)myDecimal;

// Decimal to Float
decimal myDecimal = 1.6M;
float myFloat = (float)myDecimal;


System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print myDecimal           '= 1.2345  

VBA Currency Equivalent

The Currency data type in VBA has been replaced with the Decimal data type in C#.
In most cases these will be interchangeable however they do actually differ in their precision.
The Decimal data type in .NET is more accurate than the VBA Currency data type.

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