All VSTO Add-ins must implement the following two methods of this interface:


This method is called when the add-in is loaded.
Startup event is fired after the add-in has loaded and all the installation code has run.
This is the first code to run unless your add-in customises the Ribbon interface or creates an Outlook Form region.
In these cases your override of the RequestService method is the first code to run.
This is handled by ThisAddIn_Startup in VSTO 2005 SE and later
This was handled by ThisApplication_Startup in VSTO 2005.


This method is called when the add-in is unloaded.
Shutdown event is fired when the application domain that your code is running in, is about to be unloaded.
It is the last code to run when an add-in is unloaded.
This interface supports the VSTO infrastructure and is not intended to be called directly from your code

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