ConditionalThese are used to test if a cell meets a particular condition.
CountingThese are used to count the number of cells that meet one or more conditions.
Data ValidationThese are used to prevent incorrect data from being entered into your cells.
Date & TimeThese are used to add, subtract and return items from dates and times in your cells.
FilteringThese are used to filter your data.
FormattingThese are used to apply conditional formatting to your cells.
LookupThese are used to find matching, largest and smallest values in your cells.
NumberThese are used to average, round and convert the numbers in your cells.
SummingThese are used to sum the values in the cells that meet one or more conditions.
TextThese are used to replace, convert and return items from text strings in your cells.
OtherThese are any other functions that do not appear in any of the above categories.

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