CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY(connection, member_expression, property)

Returns the value of a member property from a cube.

connectionThe name of the connection.
member_expressionThe MDX expression you want to evaluate.
propertyThe name of the property to return.

* This function was added in Excel 2007.
* This function will always be single threaded.
* While the data is being retrieved #GETTING_DATA is displayed in the cell.
* You can use the CUBEKPIMEMBER function to return the name of a key performance indicator.
* You can use the CUBEMEMBER function to return the member or tuple from a cube.
* You can use the CUBERANKEDMEMBER function to return the nth or ranked member in a set from a cube.
* You can use the CUBESET function to return the calculated members returned from a cube.
* You can use the CUBESETCOUNT function to return the number of items in a set.
* You can use the CUBEVALUE function to return the aggregated value from a cube.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


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