OR(logical1 [,logical2] [..])

Returns the logical OR for any number of arguments.

logical1The first logical value.
logical2(Optional) The second logical value.


* This function returns either True or False.
* This function is not case sensitive when matching text strings.
* This function does not support wildcards (? and *).
* This function does not use short circuiting evaluation.
* The logical values can be constants, logical equations, cell references or named ranges.
* The arguments must evaluate to logical values such as True or False, or in arrays or references that contain logical values.
* If an array or reference argument contains text or empty cells, those values are ignored.
* If the specified range contains no logical values, OR returns the #VALUE! error value.
* You can have a maximum of 255 arguments.
* You can use the AND function to return the logical AND for any number of arguments.
* You can use the NOT function to return the opposite of a True or False value.
* You can use the XOR function to return the logical exclusive OR for any number of arguments.
* The equivalent VBA operator is VBA.OR
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com

1=OR(TRUE) = True
4=OR(1+1=1,2+2=5) = False
6=OR("SOME TEXT"="some text",FALSE) = -1
7=OR("A?"="AA",FALSE) = 0
8=OR(1,1,0,0,0,1,1) = True
10=OR({TRUE,FALSE}) = True
11=OR({FALSE},{FALSE}) = False

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