T.DIST.RT(x, degrees_freedom)

Returns the probability distribution function for a t distribution (right tailed) (no cumulative).

xThe number from the distribution.
degrees_freedomThe number of degrees of freedom.

* This function was added in Excel 2010 to replace the TDIST function when "tails" = 1.
* The t distribution is a [[continuous distribution]]
* If you want to return 'less than' or 'equal to' then you should use the T.DIST function.
* You can use the T.DIST function to
* You can use the T.DIST.2T functon to
* You can use the T.INV function to
* You can use the T.INV.2T function to
* You can use the T.TEST function to
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com
* For the Google documentation refer to support.google.com

1=T.DIST.RT(0.5,1) = 0.352
2=T.DIST.RT(1,1) = 0.250
3=T.DIST.RT(1.5,1) = 0.187
4=T.DIST.RT(2,1) = 0.148
5=T.DIST.RT(2.5,1) = 0.121
6=T.DIST.RT(5,1) = 0.063

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