Word doesn't recalculate all of the fields in a document all the time
If you want to update a field to make sure it contains the latest information select the field and hit F9
Unless you have changed your (Tools > Options)(Print tab,) options all fields in a document are updated before printing.
Updating your field codes will cause them to refresh and modify any automated text which has changed due to document modification.

Updating an Individual Field

To update an indivdual field just right mouse click and press Update Field
or place the insertion point in the field and press F9.

Updating several fields

To update several fields highlight them and press F9.

Updating all the fields

To update all the fields in the document press (Ctrl + "A") followed by F9
If this takes a long time you can press Esc to cancel.

Updating fields before printing

By default the fields in a document are not updated automatically before printing.
(Tools > Options)(Print tab, Update fields)

Fields that are not Updated

The following fields are not updated when you press F9.

When are fields updated automatically?

viewing headers/footers
print preview

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