Lets you copy up to 24 items
Can be a combination of text and graphical items
After you exit all the Office applications, only the very last item that you copied stays on the clipboard

Clipboard Task Pane

This can be quickly displayed by clicking on the dialog launcher on the Home tab, Clipboard group

Clipboard Options

Show Office Clipboard Automatically - The clipboard is displayed automatically when items are copied.
Show Office Clipboard when Ctrl + C Pressed Twice - The clipboard is displayed automatically when you press Ctrl + C twice. This option is always switched on if you have selected "Show Office Clipboard Automatically"
Collect without showing Office Clipboard - Items are automatically added to the clipboard but the clipboard is not displayed.
Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar - Displays the Office clipboard icon in the status area of the taskbar when it is active. This is switched on by default.
Show Status Neat Taskbar when Copying - Displays the collected item message when copying items to the clipboard. This is switched on by default.

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