Updating Document Styles

Updating your Styles Automatically

It is possible to tell Word to update style definitions every time it opens a document based on a specific template.
Using (Tools > Templates and Addins) "automatically update styles" checkbox.

If you create a document from an "advanced" template then you can easily remove any references to the macros etc by changing the template of the document after it has been created (ie change it back to Normal.dotm).

If you move the document to a different computer that doesn't have the template, the attachment will be broken. You can change the template attached to a document using (Tools > Templates and Add-Ins)

The styles that are available in your current document depend on the templates that are currently open.
The following order:
1) Normal.dotm template
2) The template which the document is based on, if different from Normal.dotm
3) Any global templates that may be currently installed.

By default, the only template installed is Normal.dotm
If the styles in a document have been changed and these are different to those in any of the templates then any template styles will be overwritten.

Select "Add to Template" check box
When you save the document Word will display the following message asking if you want to update the attached template.

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