Bookmarks allow you to mark a certain line of code and then find it quickly later.
Bookmarks are not saved unless your document remains open and you open the same solution (so the document re-opens).
If you want pointers to code that are saved, use "Task List shortcuts"
You store up to 20 items on the clipboard at a time. To view all item (Ctrl + Shift + "V")

Using bookmarks lets you quickly jump to different locations in your project without navigating between files and scrolling

Creating Bookmarks

Position the cursor on your line of code
(Edit > Bookmarks > Toggle Bookmark)
Alternatively press (Ctrl + K, K)
Your bookmark appears as a black rectangle in the margin on the left hand side of the code window

Removing Bookmarks

(Edit > Bookmarks > Toggle Bookmark)

Navigating Bookmarks

Ctrl + K, N - move to the next bookmark
Ctrl + K, P - move to the previous bookmark

Bookmark Window

(View > Other Windows > Bookmark Window)

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