A breakpoint is a setting that you can add to a line of code to temporarily pause the execution at that line.
When execution is interrupted the code is said to be in break mode.

include breakpoint window
(Debug > Windows > Breakpoints)

Inserting Breakpoints

There are several ways you can enter a break point once your cursor is on that line:
selecting (Debug > Toggle Breakpoint)
clicking in the left area margin
You can't add breakpoints to every line - not to comments or blank spaces

When you add a breakpoint, line is highlighted in red
SS - when right mouse click on breakpoint
Location - displays file breakpoint dialog specifying the location
Condition - displays breakpoint condition dialog box
Hit Count - lets you track the number of times it has been hit
Filter - lets you filter on a particular thread or process
When Hit - allows you to specify custom actions to run when the breakpoint is hit

Addition Windows

When you are in break mode a number of additional debugging windows become available.
You can access these from the (Debug > Windows) or using the right mouse shortcut.

Breakpoints Window

(Debug > Windows > Breakpoints)
(Ctrl + Alt + B)
This window lets you see all the breakpoints that have been set in the application.
You can easily enable and disable using the checkboxes

Using Stop

What if you have breakpoints saved in your code and you execute your code
SS - runtime error message

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